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Coco Haven : Why It’s Heaven!

I have been searching for the right shampoo and body wash for Cloud for the past two years. We were afraid to try mainstream products because Cloud has the tendency to develop adverse reactions if certain products do not sit well with his skin. We sticked with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser  and Soap during his first six months, and when Cetaphil launched its Cetaphil Baby Products, we gave it a try. Cetaphil works well with us, but it’s price is putting a considerable dent in our budget. More importantly, we are advocates of supporting locally-produced, organic products.

Thus, I am very thankful when I heard about Coco Haven. I found out about it from an online support group for mothers. Almost everyone is raving about the performance of the product, how it works and its affordability. However, since it is locally produced and the business was just starting, it is not yet available (during that time) at the supermarkets and groceries. The entrepreneur/business owner was gracious enough to host group buys for the mommies. 🙂

I first tried Coco Haven Subtle Touch Baby Hair & Body Wash. According to the packaging, the product is a gentle coconut shampoo which can protect the baby’s hair and scalp from harmful environmental damages and helps retain hair in healthy condition. A gentle foamer that smells baby’s hair soft, silky and shiny. Its ingredients are agua, lemongrass hydrosol, proteol oat, jojoba oil, No-Heat Virgin Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Honey Dew & Melon, Tea Tree, Fragrance Oil of Talcum,Coconut Vinegar, Tocopheryl Acetate and Sodium Chlorice. Given this list, it is most definitely baby-safe and friendly!

Prior to using this product, Cloud’s hair is slow growing and due to his active nature, by afternoon, he smells like “paksiw”, too sweaty and not so baby smelling anymore. The scent was what I first noticed. With the previous products that we use, the fresh, clean scent would last only for a few hours. With Coca Haven, Cloud smells deliciously yummy and clean until late afternoon. His bath time is usually around 08:00 – 09:00 A.M. and he bathes again at 06:00 P.M.

He started using the hair shampoo & body wash around June of 2016 and now (August 2016) there is already noticeable growth in his hair. It is no longer thin but rather getting strong and thick. Even Cloud would touch his head and say “wow, hair!”. Our family member and friends had stopped teasing him “kalbo” and “notpa” because there is indeed, noticeable hair growth. Cloud also has this habit of raising his underarm and letting/forcing the elders at home smell it. Before, everyone would say “Yuck!Asim” but now, when they smell his underarms, they go “Hhhhmmm bango baby!”.

Coco Haven Subtle Touch is available in 150ml,250 ml and 500ml. The 150ml costs Php 100.00, 250 ml at Php 300.00 and 500ml at Php 600.00. You may order this at their Facebook page Coco Haven or visit the store 9 Months & Beyond at 22 Malingap Street, UP Teachers Village, Quezon City.



Little Frog Aquamarine Woven Wrap (Review)

I won the Little Frog Woven Wrap (size 4.6m) in a raffle hosted by another baby wearing mommy. I cannot afford to buy another wrap and as my hubby says “function over fashion” is the principle of our family. Prior to having the LF Aquamarine, we already have one (1) Tula Standard Lil Rascals, three (3) woven wraps from a local retailer and a stretchy wrap.

So, here’s my brief and un-biased review of the wrap.

1. The wrap is 100% cotton, non-stretchy and machine woven. It is our first international woven wrap. When compared to products of our local sellers, it is softer right out of the bag, more cushy and easy to grip. It also seems more breathable as my Babaching sweats lesser compared  when we use our other wraps.

2. It seems like the sleeping dust fairy forget to pour in her sleeping dust in our wrap. It usually takes Babaching a few minutes (5-10 minutes) in the wrap and he’s off to la-la-la land. But in our Aquamarine, he’s already thirty (30) minutes but still wide awake. (could be that he’s enjoying the wrap the same way I am)

3. I love the fact that it came with an instructional manual. The manual contains several carry demonstrations and a guide on how to take care of the wrap.

Overall, the wrap is excellent. However, let this post be a reminder to all baby wearers out there – let us be frugal and practical in our spending in baby wearing. As my husband aptly puts it “Is that a need or simply a want? Necessary or accessory?”

Happy baby wearing everyone!