I am Doreen Murata but most of my colleagues call me ” Dora”. Just lately, with the onset of the primetime show “Princess and I”, people called me “Mikay” because of my bangs and the character’s attitude is similar to mine.

My posts are all random thoughts about life in general. I sometimes post about love, but since I am single and uncommited as of this writing, most of it are about helping young singles enjoy life without getting into a relationship. I also blog about faith, because I love sharing God’s words to people. I know that many of today’s generation hunger for God’s love and compassion but has been looking for it at the wrong direction.

I also posts about Reproductive Health – and yes, I am pro RH Bill. I do not believe that pro-life means just getting pregnant on and on. I believe in responsible sexuality and parenthood. I push for equality and equity of reproductive health care information and services. I believe that to be pro life means ensuring that the best quality of life is for every one – that no young women gets pregnant without being conscious and aware of its consequences and the responsibilities motherhood entails, that HIV/AIDS positive should not be discriminated and that everyone is treated with equality and equity.

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