Trilogy Hike for Thirty Second Birthday

Jay (my ever so handsome husband) turned thirty two last February 27. To celebrate it, we decided to do something we both love – hiking! We had our first hike as a couple last January 2018 in Rodriguez, Rizal. We climbed Mount Haponan Banoi and Mount Pamitinan. These are the famed part of the Rodriguez Rizal Trilogy (Version 1). The third mountain is Mount Binicayan but we were not able to complete the trilogy as we were too tired already.


Me and the hubby at the summit of Mount Pamitinan.

But the husband really wanted to do a trilogy hike. I wasn’t so sure if I can do it so I simply kept quiet, not making any promises to him.

Joining us in this hike are some of our closest friends at work – Hazel and Karen Grace. They were both first time hikers. And both extremely excited to experience the joy of mountain hiking.

Mount Parawagan, Lagyo and Susong Dalaga are located in Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal and is the newly opened trail in the Pamitinan Landscape. These mountains form the Version 2 of  the Trilogy Hike (version 1 being Mount Pamitinan, Haponan Banoi and Binicayan).

Upon arrival in Wawa, we registered at the DENR Office and paid necessary fees. We registered for twin hike, targeting to finish Mount Parawagan and Lagyo.

Parking Fee – Php 30.00

Environmental Fee – Php 50.00/person

After registration, we proceeded to the Barangay Hall to sign at the monitoring form and meet our guide. We chose our guide from the previous hike, Kuya Noriel. I already texted him few days before the hike to make sure that he’s available. Getting a tour guide is mandatory, and I totally agree that you should get one. First, for safety reasons. Second and most important, for totally amazing photographs!

Before the start of the trek, we offered a short prayer then started the almost thirty minutes walk on a cemented road that would lead us to the Junction between Mount Parawagan and Mount Lagyo.

Upon arrival at the Junction, Jay asked Kuya Noriel if it’s possible that we can do a trilogy hike. Kuya Noriel responded that we could, given that Parawagan is a relatively easy climb and Susong Dalaga and Lagyo are just adjacent.

From the Junction, the upward trek to the summit of Mount Parawagan started. We were unable to take any photo, as we were enjoying the talks and chit chat while trekking up. Plus the beauty of the moon while dawn is breaking is way too beautiful that our cameras cannot bring justice to it.

An hour and a half later, we reached the summit of Parawagan and it was simply stunning. The sky was transitioning from darkness to the first light of dawn and the moon was still way up high.


Couple shot at the summit of Mount Parawagan


My two amazingly strong girlfriends


The Amazing Four at the Summit of Mount Parawagan

After around fifteen minutes in basking at the wondrous scenery unfolding before our eyes and taking deep, relaxing breathes because of the uphill climb, we started our descent.

Even the descent view is relaxing and comforting. It truly eased the stress that we acquired the past few weeks.


My husband took this photo while we were descending Mount Parawagan. Simply stunning.


We had a quick snack of boiled egg, banana and “suman” at a sari sari store at the Junction before we started our ascent to Mount Lagyo. Contrary to Parawagan which is mostly steady uphill smooth land climb, Lagyo is peppered with plenty of rock formations and tall grass which makes it exhausting and challenging, especially for my girlfriends who were first time hikers. Good thing Kuya Noriel provided us with walking aides (wooden sticks, cheren!)



Photographs above were taken in one of the rest areas in Lagyo. We had to take a break to give way to descending trekkers, and for photo opportunity of course! Some of the rocks in Lagyo are comparable to those in Pamitinan and Haponan Banoi. Sharp curves and hard corals.

After the pictorial session, we continue our ascend. After almost an hour, we reached the summit of Mount Lagyo and was welcomed by its majestic rock formation.


Couple shot at the summit of Mount Lagyo. Because the couple who climbs together, gets pagod together.


The Amazing Four on the second mountain we conquered in one day.

We started our descend and was getting excited for the last part of the trek. But the excitement was paired with exhaustion due to the extreme heat of the sun and our muscles shouting for relief from the torture we are giving it. And we were totally surprised by the challenged that the descent presented us.


But, we survived! 🙂 the second mountain, that is! After the rocky descent from Lagyo, we started traversing to Mount Susong Dalaga. And yes, it is aptly the named as the mountain looks like twin maiden peaks. But the traverse was challenging due to the scorching heat and the tall cogon grass. Plus, as we were unprepared to do a trilogy, we were starting to feel tired. As Karen Grace aptly blurted out, “Pagod na pagod na ako!”

But since there’s no other way to go but up, upwards we go.


Up, up, up until we reach the top.


Keep going..


Just keep going!

After another thirty minutes of challenging ascent, we finally reached the top of Mount Susong Dalaga, and in effect, completing our first ever trilogy hike as a couple, accompanied by the most supporting friends!


Remember that I love you all the time. And I wouldn’t mind climbing dozen more mountains with you.


My first trilogy hike won’t be this fun if not for the people I journeyed it with.

If you thought the ordeal is over because the summit was already reached, hold your horses, because the descent was equally challenging and daunting. We have to descent with only tall cogon grass and our walking stick to aide us. Hah! Eaazzzzzyyyyy!

Upon reaching the flat lands, we decided to take the “habal habal” back to the Barangay Hall because our tiny feet cannot walk any farther.

Upon arrival at the Barangay Hall, we submitted our names to the Tour Guide Assocation representative for the preparation of certificate. While waiting for it, we decide to shower at one of the stalls that offer shower. It costs Php 25.00.

Afterwards, we claimed our certificate, expressed our thanks to Kuya Noriel and headed off to the city, to eat unlimited Samgyupsal!


Proud trilogy hikers with our very able guide, Kuya Noriel.

Here is the summary of expenses for our Trilogy Hike:

Environmental Fee – Php 50.00 per person

Parking Fee – Php 30.00 per vehicle

Tour Guide Fee – Php 2400.00 (Php 800.00 per mountain)

Certificate – Php 40.00 per person

Shower Room Fee – Php 25.00 per person

Habal habal Fee – Php 150.00


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