Fake NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I am currently hooked to lippies (matte, pigments, balms!). Please forgive this late bloomer. I only got interested in make up AFTER I got married. Before, I am content just being bare face, on the pretense of being au naturel. But lately, as part of my pursuit for self improvement, I got interested in lippies. Small steps towards self care. 🙂

My favorite is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream lippies. I love its Abu Dhabi and Antwerp shade and I wear them alternately at work. The previous week, I noticed that its tubes were almost empty. Since I do not have the luxury of time lately to go to the mall, I decided to order from an online store. So, I ordered three shades of the SMLC; Abu Dhabi, Antwerp and Ibiza.

Yesterday, I received two out of the three items, and to my dismay and disappointment, the products were FAKE!


These were the lippies, and are obviously fake. Take note of the barcode and the sticker. These are not how authentic NYX SMLC looks like. And notice also that the tube looks like plastic and un-matte.


This is how the authentic one looks like. The lippy number is bold and the identification code on the right side is lightly printed.

IMG_1044Upper lippy is the fake one. Lower one is the authentic one. Notice the difference in shade. The authentic one looks darker and the tube is slightly shorter.

Here are some guide on how to check if the SMLC you are buying is authentic, besides checking the packaging :

Authentic lippies have : shorter, semi matte plastic tube and shorter and wider doe foot applicator. Also, the cream should have a creamy texture and should smell yummy!. The smell is actually one of the reasons why I am hooked to SMLC. Also, authentic SMLC is kiss proof, so there should be no stains on your glasses and utensils.

Fake lippies have : longer, glassy tube and longer and narrower doe foot applicator. Also, it has no initial smell but later on there’s a tinge of vanilla like smell.

A fellow blogger had a more detailed review here : http://limpidasylum.weebly.com/reviews/nyx-soft-matte-lip-creams-fake-vs-authentic, though we have almost the same experience and observation.

I, however, strongly recommend that we stick to using authentic products, especially if it concerns our skin. While there is no immediate effect that I felt when I tried the fake lippy, I opted to buy an authentic one from SM North still. Mainly because, I feel unsafe using fake products.





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