Love At First Felt



Our dearest Cloud Emmanuel,


You came into our life unplanned, yes that is true. We were not prepared for the responsibility but we stick with what we believe is the proper thing to do. Your Dad and I love each other anyway, and we know that eventually, you will happen. You just happened a bit earlier than planned.

We must admit that we were initially afraid. Mostly because we didn’t know how to tell your Lolos and Lolas, even though we knew that they were expecting it somehow. We were also afraid of what other people will say. Many said we got committed too young. But then, the fear was replaced by excitement and joy when you started kicking and tumbling and making all those chaotic (and painful) moves inside my tummy. You were an active fetus! 🙂

Daddy looks forward in feeling you “kick” and move inside Mommy’s tummy. We didn’t mind even if your hyperactivity sometimes caused me to wake up in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning.

Daddy and I had made plenty of mistakes in our life, but you are the one thing that we did right. When you came out of Mommy’s tummy, you were the tiniest but most beautiful being that we were able to hold in our arms. We loved you when you were inside me, yet we loved you even more that you are now with us.

Time flies so fast, our baby Cloud. The little baby before that is totally dependent to Mommy and Daddy now walks alone and wants to eat his food by himself. Good thing that we are breastfeeding, we still have our bonding time each time you want to feed.

If there was a thing such as love at first sight, our family have a love at first felt. Your existence binds Mommy and Daddy together.

I pray that God will continue to sustain us, financially, emotionally and physically so that we can continue taking care and providing for you.

And please, don’t grow up too fast our baby love!


Mommy & Daddy


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