Wrap Review : Care RingSling


The wrap looks and feel beautiful and soft. When it arrived to me, it was already washed by Admin Maureen (Babywearing Philippines), thus ready to be used. The brocade feel of the wrap, with its main peach color and edge trimmings of black and white makes it an elegant baby carrier. Its color way makes it perfect and stunning for corporate and formal events. I was supposed to use it for a wedding but since I am not fully confident yet to use a wrap on a very formal event, I backed out, but the wrap was fully utilized on morning walks and strolls.

The wrap is produced by Care RingSling from Malaysia. I initially thought that it bears resemblance to my grandmother’s curtain, but when worn, it looks pretty and sophisticated at the same time.

Manageability and Support

I was initially afraid to try the wrap since it veers away from my usual kind of wrap. I am used to wraps with horizontal prints, which makes it easier for me to check which part needs straightening, tightening and loosening. But when I tried the Care RingSling, I find it easy to manage and very supportive. I have a one-year old kid that weighs almost twelve kilos. We strolled around the village for one good hour and I find it very comfortable. Our Cloud might have liked it to, because he stayed put and relaxed while being “up” in the carrier. The wrap is also 100% cotton, which makes it comfortable to use.

After few more uses, the wrap was broken in and is now more softer and a lot easier to manage. My initial thought that it looks like my grandmother’s curtain was replaced with how beautiful it would look when used during formal occasion.


If I could keep this wrap, I definitely would. But since it is just for test and review, I will have to wait until it is available commercially. Again, I would recommend this wrap to experienced and wrap parents with heavy little ones and definitely toddler worthy.


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