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Cloth Diaper Review : Skippity Boo

This post is a product review for Skippity Boo! Hybrid Fitted (HF) Diaper

Name of Owner : Consuelo Llanah

Type of Diaper : Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper

Hybrid Fitted cloth diaper is a fitted diaper that has a hidden body layer of poly fleece, sandwiched between the outer print and the inner velour. This hidden layer aims to help the diaper be more absorbent.

How it works?

Liquid hits the fleece layer and is deflected back into the absorbent inner, soaking up into the rest of the soaker pad and inner velour instead of just saturating the middle and immediately needing a change. The hybrid fitted is still a “fitted” diaper, meaning it is breathable and it isn’t totally waterproof. It would require the use of a cover to be considered waterproof. (Source:

We have been exclusively diapering since Cloud was born but we have been using pocket type (detailed discussion on a separate post)  but several breastfeeding/cloth diapering/babywearing friends encouraged me to try hybrid fitted diapers, as they said that it is more breathable.

I was initially hesitant to shift to HF because I thought it was impractical. The price of one HF is equivalent to at least two or three pocket types. But since I have enabler friends (Jasmer, Juhaina and Angelica), I decided to try and took a slot in Skippity Boo!’s latest stocking last November 2o15. I only bought one, just to try and besides, I still need to convince my husband to support this newest “thing” of mine.

I ordered Blue Arrows Hybrid Fitted. It costs Php 650.00 and its outer is made of cotton woven with cotton knit tabs, its hidden layer is polyfleece while the inner is cream cotton velour. Its soaker is snake style and is composed of cotton-bamboo fleece topped with velour and comes with a bamboo fleece soaker.

Upon delivery, as the proper way to do it (even if its against my feelings) I had it washed first. Upon drying (believe me, you need substantial EQ to control the urge to use the diaper immediately), I had it fitted by our baby. And ta-da! It fits awesomely! Since my baby is average size but with chunky thighs, we use the medium settings in the waist tabs and fourth row of button on the legs. I did not use covers and additional booster since I want to test how long will it last before it gets fully soaked and I believe that using cover defeats the purpose of using HFs. (This is a personal opinion, so please don’t hate me.) For the first use, it took three hours before it gets fully soaked. Take note, soaked not leaked. Meaning I can feel the wetness in the outer layer, not in the thighs or waist.

Overall, Skippity Boo!’s HF ranked 10/10 for me. Why? Because it fits all my requirements : affordability, absorbency, fitting and print. After more frequent uses, its absorbency increased that we are now using it for overnight (10 P.M. – 06:00 A.M.) and going out (10:00 A.M. – 03:00 P.M.).

And the most important part of this post and a lesson well learned for me: The price of HF is reasonable because you are not just paying for the diaper. Your payment includes, but can never compensate, for the effort, love and skills used by the work-at-home moms that made these nappies with love.




Photo from the Skippity Boo! Stocking 2.o Album. This is my Blue Arrow HF.


My Heart, All is Well

Many of us is familiar with the popular Bollywood movie, Three Idiots, with the favorite line “All is well.” I often use this mantra too, when things seems to be tough and bumpy.

As a part of our ongoing feature of mommy entrepreneur, I am happy to share with you the story of Miss Joy, the lady behind Oliswle by Orzales. A shop that prepares and produces mommy and baby products like nursing covers, bibs/droolies and footsies. It is also happy to note that in contrary to our previous mommies, Miss Joy is a working mom. Personally, her story is inspiring for me as I am also a working mom.

The shop name “Oliswle by Orzales” is actually a play of letters from the movie “Three Idiots”. Being a crafty person, this shop has served as Miss Joy’s outlet for her creative ideas. It helps relieve her from the grind of office work.

The business was launched in 2013. Back then,it focused on producing personalized key chains, pouches, hair accessories and finger puppets. Miss Joy is blessed to have a supportive husband. While she does all the hand sewing, her hubby is the master cutter and tracer. Business has been good and graceful to their family. By then, Baby Number 1 started praying for Baby Number 2. After a while, their prayers were answered and Oliswle had to go into hiatus.

Of course, we all know that nothing can stop an artist from pursuin her dreams and fulfilling her passion. By June 2015, Baby Number 2 is not as demanding anymore and Miss Joy had regained work-life balance, the shop was relaunched in June 2015. But now, it is more focused on producing products that mirrors the advocacy of their family.

Oliswle now focuses on machine sewn products such as dribblies, footies, washable face masks, nursing scarves (standard and infinity) and droolies. They also produces cloth diaper giveaways which was a solid hit for cloth diapering parents.

It is also heartwarming to know that their family is entrepreneuring for a cause. Part of the shop’s profit is used to provide washable face masks to cancer patients and the buyer even have the option to buy additional face masks that can be given directly to the patients. (Example, you buy five (5) face masks and you can donate one (1) directly).

When ask what she can advise to fellow entrepreneurs, Miss Joy shared that as a supplier, you should always ask for a downpayment. It was a lesson well learned for her because a client once demanded a lot and so much only to end up not paying for the supplies. (Really, if I had been Miss Joy, I would have gone crazy angry!)

She also has this reminder, “Always put yourself in your costumer’s shoes.”  She knew the value of hard earned money. Thus, she gave extra effort in searching for materials that can be sold at a reasonable cost without sacrificing the quality and durability. Also, she knew that for baby stuff, it will be easily outgrew, so she ensures that Oliswle’s product are worth it without spending too much.

Oliswle’s story is an inspiration and a challenge to all parents. Their advocacy and effort to help cancer patients is an exemplary behaviour. It should remind us to be compassionate and empathic, not just today because it is the Christmas season, but every day of our lives. We are all blessed, others just need a simple reminder of their blessedness. Let us all be channels of blessing and instruments to remind our fellow of blessedness. One small deed of kindness can create a multitude of effect.

All is well when we strive to help each other.


(P.S. Don’t forget to check out Oliswle’s page and order a washable face mask for their beneficiaries.)