Silver Lining Success

You will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Life was not easy for Maria Lourdes Alquiros, more popularly known in the cloth diapering community as “Mommy Din” of D’Snugglebunz. She’s one of the five children in the family and life had not been easy for them, yet their parents strived to provide everything they need. As most young people are, Mommy Dinz got giddy and exhilarated with the freedom that comes during adolescence. She admitted making decisions that she thought was wrong, but later on will actually steer the direction of her career to entrepreneurship.

She took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but was unable to take the board exam since she got married and pregnant with her first baby. At the age of twenty, Mommy Din became a Mom to her beautiful baby girl. But married life wasn’t easy for the couple. Since they were both young and unemployed, they became dependent to their parents for all their growing family’s needs.

Seven years after their marriage, the couple decided to go their separate ways for reasons Mommy Din decided to kept to herself. She knew that being a single mother will not be easy, but nothing can rattle a persevering, loving and faithful heart. She knew that she had to double her effort and her skills to provide for her kid’s needs.

After several years, she tried opening her heart again. This time, to a foreigner. She hoped and prayed that love will be sweeter for her this time. But alas! God has better plans for her. The relationship gave her a different love and heart. Her relationship with the foreigner didn’t prosper, but it’s single fruit was more than what Mommy Din could ask for – her second baby.

At the age of thirty six, she felt disappointment and lack of self value eating her system. That’s when she tried to take a leap of faith in sewing handmade fitted diapers. Initially, she was a reseller of china made nappies but her love of country (which is inherent to almost every Filipino, except the soulless politicians and businessmen of this country. Out of topic but I just need to say it.) pushed her to explore and enhance her talent in sewing hybrid fitted cloth diapers.

She knew it was a risk, given that her business, D’Snugglebunz is online, but it’s a risk she decided to take. Her first stocking last August 2015 was a big hit in the local cloth diapering community. Her workmanship and business professionalism is at par. Despite the initial success, she admitted that she is still on the process of improving and developing her craftsmanship, dependent mostly on the criticisms and feedbacks provided by her clients. This, coupled by her desire to have Hybrid Fitteds for her own baby, keeps her passionate on improving the products of D’Snugglebunz.

When it comes to dealing with clients, Mommy Din is more lenient, she allows flexibility on reservation and payment terms. I surely hope that buyers won’t take advantage of this since that would be so unfair to her.

As of the moment, her plans include coping up with the current demand of HF cloth diapers from the mommies who trusted her and preferably in the near future, more options for Snuggle mommies.

Mommy Din’s story is a beautiful reminder that life is a product of the choices that we made. We always have the choice, to move forward or remain stagnant. Success doesn’t really come to those who wait for it, success comes to those who make it happen. With every struggle, remember that the reward will always be bigger.

With every downfall, there is always the choice to stand up and move forward.

And when every failure, there is always the silver lining of success, beckoning to those who dare reach it.


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