When Reality is Better Than Your Dreams

(This is the start of my blog series featuring “mompreneurs” that I know. I am writing this blog hoping that their stories will inspire other parents to venture into entrepreneurship, or if not, the very least is to give a peek on the life of our work-at-home mommies and why they deserve more than a standing ovation and a round of applause.)

She is known to the online community as Fia Tan, the entrepreneur behind Baby Barney Online Shop. In the physical world, she is Mommy Floranilla Tan Rosquita-Aragones or simply Flong to her family and friends. I am privileged to be a friend of this amazing woman and I am more than happy she obliged my constant pestering to feature her in my blog. Of course, we share the same advocacy – cloth diapering and baby wearing. 🙂

As a little girl, she dreamed of working in the corporate world. She admired women who exude class and composure, while looking fabulous and classy as they climbed the corporate world. She desired to wear stilettos as she climbed the ladder of success. God, however, has a bigger and better purpose and plan for her.

She tried her best to manage time between work and the ministry of wife and motherhood but in the end, the calling to be a full time mom prevailed. The struggle to give up the corporate dream was not easy but her desire to be a hands-on mom and a high risk pregnancy made her do the choice. Her resignation was not easy but she did it without regrets.

Being used to the demands and fast-paced way of life of the corporate world, she decided to venture into entrepreneurship. When her baby was born in 2013, she started selling pre-loved clothing and baby stuff,including ring sling baby carriers.

But it was not an easy road. Her business became on and off due to availability of stocks. It was not constant. Until God answered her prayer through a friend that is residing in The Netherlands. Her friend offered to provide a starting capital, provided that she can manage the business. Thus, the birth of the Baby Barney Online Shop.

When I asked her why the name Baby Barney, she explained that when her baby was a few months old, he would rarely smile  but when they let him watch Barney shows he would burst into laughter.

Being able to own her time is one of the things Mommy Flong love about being a “mompreneur”. It allows here to closely monitor her kids and spend precious time with them. Being a full time mom gave her the privilege to be a first hand witness in her children’s milestones in life. Kiddingly, it also allows her kids to try their products first hand.

Online entrepreneurship, according to Mommy Flong, also has its “down side”. Because she doesn’t see her clients physically, she had to trust their commitment that they are not scammers and juvenile payers. There had been several instances when her patience had been tested by demanding customers. That’s part of the risk that she had to take. Since she is based in Davao City, it is also hard to find suppliers and manufacturers. God has blessed her when she eventually found suppliers that doesn’t only supply her products but also guide her in business decision making.

As she grow in the life of motherhood, Mommy Flong realized that being a full-time mommy doesn’t hinder you from enhancing your career growth and development. You just have to look at it in a different, fresher and newer perspective.

In the future, she wants to put up a physical store in Davao City (and eventually, across the country,yeheeey!). Of course, the shop will carry products that are truly close to her heart – cloth diapers and baby wearing gears. It is in the hope that this parenting style will be mainstreamed in the country.

When I asked Mommy Flong for her advice to fellow mompreneurs, this is what she has to say: Just enjoy every milestone of your business. But don’t forget the main reason why you’ve become a mompreneur in the first place, your family. And always make sure that your husband know what you are doing. (Mommy Flong is blessed with a loving husband, he does meet ups for Davao based clients and help in the packaging and shipping of items).

Now, Mommy Flong is not just wearing stilettos, she also deserves a crown, a cape and a bouquet of fresh flowers everyday! And she need not climb the corporate ladder, she’s already in her throne.


29 thoughts on “When Reality is Better Than Your Dreams

  1. a great story behind Ms. Fia Tan! How I love their customized cloth diaper. it’s not easy to earn money and be a full time mom and wife (we do have the same experience) and I admire you for.that!

    • salute to you mommy Bianca 🙂 hugs and prayers to full time mommies. You deserve a golden tiara, glass slippers and pretty gown. But I know that your child/children’s kisses and hugs are far more precious than tiaras and glass slippers.

  2. Relate ako sis. Na inspired po ako. Dream ko din ang office work kaya ngsumikap ako mgtapos ng college kahit maaga ko nag asawa. Pero kelangan ako ng asawat anak ko kaya stop ako sa work. I have my own online business too. Kids clothing. Ako nagtatahi. Pero gumuho lahat nun mamatay Mama ko last Sept lng. Buntis pa ko. Feeling weak talaga ko ngayon. But this blog inspired me. Need ko bumangon and pagsikapan un naumpisahan ko at ang mahal kong nesgosyo para sa family ko and self worth. Sensya mahaba.. 👍👍👍👍

    • Hi mommy 🙂 know that you are not alone, we all go through various ordeals and challenges in life but always keep in mind that God is holding us in his steadfast love and grace. Be blessed and be a blessing mommy. Sending virtual hugs your way mommy.

  3. super nakakainspire…. i have a special child baby.. a down syndrome baby.. wish ko din ung mag work sa office.. pero sa mas kailangan pa ako ng baby ko to be full time mom to her.. nagsiside line na lang ako ng taga laba sa amo ng mama ko..

  4. Gosh. I am currently on the verge of resinong my desk job and wanting to look over my son full time. I am also praying that my decision will be what is good for our family. Kuddos to you mommy Fia! I hope I can get the confidence to take the step too. Good luck and more power to Baby Barney Shop! 🙂

  5. This is an inspiring story. I know its very difficult to handle a business, since i tried once myself but didn’t get any luck. It takes passion, perserverance, patience, hardwork and a lot more. Hats off to all mompreneurs who are both successful in their own businesses while taking good care of their family. You are everyone’s inspiration! 👍🏻😊

  6. Nung una nakita ko si sis Fia Tan sa friend request ko nakita ko agad na nagtitinda siya ng hybrid diaper. Nagustuhan ko agad yung hello kitty design kaso lalaki naman ang anak ko. Pero saludo ako sayo sis. More power to your business. And God Bless to your family.

  7. This kind of article empower stay at home moms like me to pursue doing what we love without compromising our time with our little baby Barneys. 😊

  8. So inspiring mommy 🙂 I was in the same dilemma before and glad to hear that she is where she really wanted to be;with her family.

  9. Ang galing nman po ni Mommy Flong.. Ndi siy a basta basta nag’give-up.. push pa din po nia ang goal nia at gusto nia gawin.. saludo ako say mommy Flong sana po mkabuy aq ng isa sa mga products mo.. Para po nang sa gnun prang na meet na po kita in person.. God Blessed You Mommy Flong and to your business..

  10. Ang galing! Salute to you Mommy Flong, to all mompreneurs and to all moms in the world:)) Truely, wala tayong hindi kakayanin para sa ating mga anak^^

  11. Such an inspiring story . I salute you mommy Flong . Hindi porket mommy na at di na makakapag work because having kids is really hard but there will always a way if you want to .Hope to inspire more moms to become a mompreneur . I’m also a mompreneur 🙂 Godbless us all .

  12. Very inspiring especially when your have your own family,lahat gagawin at ibibigay mo yun pinaka d best,hindi lahat nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon na makasama at maalagaan ang kanilang anak hanggang sa paglaki,I admired you mommy,sana soon maging mompreneur na din ako.more customers to come.god bless..

  13. Very inspiring,especially when your having own family,lahat gagawin at ibibigay sa kanila,dahil hindi lahat ngkakaroin ng chance na makasama at maalagaan hanggang sa paglaki ang kanilang mga anak,I admired you mommy sana soon maging mompreneur na rin ako.more customer to come and god bless …

  14. May contact number po ba kayo ni Ms. Flong?
    Andami po naming nagorder sa knya last batch ng November, sabi nia December darating mga orders namin but until now wala pa rin.
    She doesnt respond to PMs. at ang dami niyang ‘alibis.’
    Please if you know her personally please tell her na harapin niya kaming mga customers siya at makonsensya siya.Some of us ordered 10 pcs and even more

    • I don’t have her contact number. I also joined the pre-order last November and still awaiting for updates. Please send her an email or personal message in Facebook. You may also opt to take legal action if you deemed it necessary.

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