Fulfilling the Ministry of Motherhood

When I became a mom, I temporarily lose my sanity (or so I thought!) because I entered a whole new world. I have very few friends that are moms already. Within my closest friends, there were only two of us who are mothers, the rest (all six of them) are single professionals.
I got scared and almost frustrated, I felt like I lost a part of me, that I somehow got disconnected from them. So, I prayed and asked for God’s guidance. Yes, I have a very supportive, loving and faithful husband. Yet, there are things that only fellow mommies can relate, especially when it comes to kid’s fashion and accessories (example: wrap colors, cloth diapers and warmers).
God answered my prayers in the form of mommy entrepreneur. In my constant search for baby accessories and stuff, I met plenty of mommies who can spend all day and all night discussing differences among the types of cloth diapers, why baby wearing is important, the rollercoaster ride of being a breastfeeding and co-sleeping family.
Overall, motherhood had opened up a whole new world and a new set of friendship. I don’t want to lose my old friends, they are dear and special in their own,unique albeit crazy way. But I also want to build new friends that will share with me the journey of motherhood in an advocacy that we strongly believe in.
Motherhood is a gift, a ministry and a responsibility. I am accepting this with arms wide open and a heart with overflowing love ready to be shared to fellow mommies.

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