To The Husband of Mine

Sorry for snapping at you earlier today. Sorry for sulking all the way to work and banging on the car door. Sorry for being grumpy. I didn’t know what came over me, I was just feeling dark and gloomy upon waking up.
I didn’t mean to hurt you,make you feel unappreciated or worthless. I am blessed beyond measure for having a husband like you. It is just the stress of preparing for the Board meeting, the bills piling up and interrupted sleep because of the baby is taking its toll on me lately. It seems the dark cloud of depression is eating me again.
I pray that you will remain loving, patient, understanding and supportive as we struggle through this stage. I know that God is holding us in steadfast reins and control.
Know that I love you all the time. Wether I am happy, angry, sad, frustrated, my love remains steady for you. I may hate the fact that you go out at night, that you still seem to have the life that you have before we got married while mine was turned upside down but that doesn’t take my love away.
Know that I am thankful for having you. Rare is the husband that will finance his wife’s addiction to cloth diapering and baby wearing gears. I know I can be persistent until you give in to my whims, hidden in the facade of “needing it”. I know that you know that sometimes, I just ask you to buy things for me and Cloud as stress therapy. 🙂
Know that I am always grateful for being blessed by a husband like you. For being patient when depression kicks in. For telling me it will be okay when I feel like I am at the end of my sanity and I just want to shout out my anger. Thank you for being my strength, for letting me see the world from your perspective.
On top of it all, thank you for sharing the joy of raising Cloud with me. I know you struggle with every nappy change, every trip to the hospital and every mall trip. Yet, I see the priceless joy in your eyes every time you look at Babaching.
Others will never know what a blessed and wonderful feeling it is to be your friend, partner, wife. (And believe me, I have no intention of letting them experience the feeling. Unless they want the rest of their life in jail.)
Always remember that for me and Cloud, you are perfect. You are our strength, comfort and most importantly, provider. 🙂

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