Why Getting Married Is Not for Everyone

Society seems to have this unwritten rule that when a woman reaches a certain age, she should get married, have kids and raise a family. I find this too stereotypical, unfair and irrational.
Age should not define a woman’s capacity to be married or not. Marriage should not just be about being in your “most reproductive stage”. Not every woman who are reproductively ready is emotionally, mentally and financially ready.
We just have to accept that marriage is not for everyone. There will be women like me who CHOSE to be married and pregnant at the prime of my reproductive stage. I did it not because society had told me so. But because I knew that I wanted it, that I am ready and that I have already lived a fulfilling life as a single individual.
In our office, I am the only married woman among a bunch of seven (7) happy, beautiful and all in reproductive stage, single women. And if there’s a piece of advice I constantly give them, that is they should get married when they feel that they want to and not just because everyone is telling them to do so.
Marriage, as cliche as it may sound, is a lifetime commitment. It is equivalent to lesser time going out, putting a limit to the number of overtime that one can render and knowing that weekends should be for your partner and kids. Deciding to get married is an output of constant prayer, devotion, hard work and rock hard decision to take a complete overhaul of the lifestyle that you are used too.
It would be a better society if our friends and colleagues would stop pressuring each other to join the married wagon. To each one, his own. This is what we always say.
There is joy in marriage. In the same manner that there is joy in single-blessedness.

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