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Rant(s) of an Angry, Frustrated, Stressed Employee

I have dedicated almost three years of my life to this Project. I started with a not-so huge salary, just enough to live simply, send a sibling to school and still have money to buy a pair or two of shoes once in a while. And I was happy.

Now, I’m receiving a salary, which, in all honesty, is indeed huge. It is sufficient to provide for my child’s needs (nanny and all that), save a few bucks for a movie date with the husband and indulge on a few personal stuff.

But with all the bureaucratic shit that comes with working in the government, coupled with the inefficiency of personnel involved in the processing of salary of staff, instead of feeling happy, I only feel anger, resentment and general hatred.

I worked my ass off everyday (yes, that’s everyday, including holidays, Saturday and Sunday because the work nature demanded it), even if I am at home, even if I have a very “malikot” and “makulit” na baby in the background. All of this because I know that with the huge salary comes huge expectations and responsibilities.

But, is it worth it? No. Why? Because the monetary value NEVER comes on time. It is always, always, always,LATE!!!

Is this how we get rewarded for the hard work that we do? Yes, this job is for the good of country, but what is a good country if its people are hungry and angry and stress because they are not properly and timely paid.

Perhaps this post will cost me my job. Perhaps I don’t care anymore. Perhaps this is also a good wake up call for those who have the responsibility to ensure that the work force of the Project is properly treated. Please stop making excuses.

We are all being paid, supposedly, to get our job well done. I’m working my ass off for mine, how about you???

And remember this – YOU ARE A THIEF. You stole away precious events in my family life, because instead of being able to celebrate my child’s month date, we cannot because salary is always late, instead of being able to have a date with my husband. You stole away many opportunities wherein my family could have priceless moments.

Thief. Zealot. Inefficient. Words are not enough to describe.