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Goodbye Miss Jaydda

  • I first met Ms. Jaydda during the pre-implementation workshop of PRDP. She was one of the Resource Person/Consultant for the drafting of the I-PLAN Operations Manual. Isa siya sa mga nakagaanan ko agad ng loob. Maybe the way she speak, the way she interact with people. She instantly became our “Nanay Jaydda”.
  • She dubbed me as “Margaux” during the peak of the teleserye of Kim Chiu, Xian Lim and Maja Salvador. She would sometimes refer to me as “Anak”. And indeed, she was a mother to me. When she was hired at South Luzon Cluster, our meetings become rare and scarce, except for the occasional ‘Saan na ang NOL?” “Andyan ba si Arnel? Magsign ba siya today?” ‘Kumusta baby niyo?”
  • That’s Nanay Jaydda, one happy and vibrant person, full of life despite the trials and challenges that life had thrown at her. She’s the classic example of “If life throws you lemon, then make lemonades.”
  • Just last Monday, she finally met our Babaching. She kept on teasing “Ay kidnappable pala itong anak niyo.” “Ang galling, ang happy ng baby ninyo”, all the while holding Babaching.
  • I have to re-read the message informing me of her passing earlier today. My eyes knew what I was reading but my heart refuse to process and acknowledge it. My inside was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” and I kept on wishing that what I was reading was just a silly joke. But I knew DPD Arnel, he is not the kind of person to joke about something like that. And my fear was confirmed when I heard his voice breaking over the phone. Nanay Jaydda is gone.
  • I knew my husband is hurting too. In the short time that he had worked with Nanay Jades, they had travelled together and she had mentored her in a very good way. In so many ways, Nanay Jaydda is not just a colleague but a family friend, a big sister and a non-biological mother rolled into one.
  • Indeed, as Dir. Shandy had said, our loss is heaven’s gain. Nanay Jaydda’s life journey had been a very colorful and meaningful one. And today, God had called His daughter home.
  • I cannot fathom the depth of the sorrow and pain the children and immediate family of Tita Jaydda had to deal with right now. If us, who had only known her for quite a short time is deeply affected by her passing, how much more for the people that are her flesh and blood? L
  • In this moment of sorrow and grief, we cling onto God’s promise “Even though we walk through the valley of shadow of death, we will fear no evil for God is with us.”

Rest well Nanay Jaydda. Rest peacefully and happy. We’ll see each other when our own time is up. Thank you for the wonderful memories. We will not forget you. You will always be in our memories, a wonderful part of our story.

For those who wants to pay their final respect to Ms. Jaydda Mayoralgo, her remains is at St. Peter Funeral Chapels, Nangka, Marikina. (accessible via Batasan then right going to San Mateo. Landmark is Puregold-San Mateo)


Goodbye My Rainbow

How do we ever say goodbye to the person we love? I am never good at coping with death. Even if the person I love has long been gone, their death always make me sad, and at times, bring tears into my eyes.

Last Tuesday, my good uncle and friend met a tragic vehicular accident. His death was shocking and hard to accept.

His personality is like the rainbow – ever beautiful, vibrant, happy, hopeful and full of life. My memories of him is composed of fun times together, a few green jokes and the instruction that even if we don’t have much, as long as we remain family, its what matters most.

Thinking that I will never see him again, not hear his voice,that I will no longer be able to hold his hand and laugh with his jokes is painful. 

At the same time today, last year, we were celebrating my sibling’s debut. It was a time of thanksgiving, of the family being together and celebration of my engagement. Uncle was there and was constantly bringing life to the party with his jokes and “cruel” questions. He said that “As long as we’re together, we shouldn’t care if we’re poor. We’ll have this same celebration next year. We will again, be together.”

Never did it cross my mind that our get-together this year is because of his death. I tried so much to not think about it, just accept it. But I can’t. I owe this man so much. He was my fashion critique and make up artist during my high school prom, he bullied me into getting married and in the blink of an eye he was gone.

I cannot bear the thought of not seeing him again, of not hearing him laugh. He has yet to meet my baby, he has yet to see me walk down the aisle in a church wedding. 

Tito, why were you gone too soon? Who will manage the farm now? Who will be the life of the party?

The more I think about it, the more real it seems. The more real it becomes, the more painful it is. 

Rest in peace, Tito. Rest well and happy. And when I see a rainbow, I’ll think of you.

Miss Me But Let Me Go

When I came to the end of the day,

And the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloom filled room,

Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little, but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

-an excerpt from an Anonymous poet