Little Snuggie Baby Wraps ( Review for Puple Rainbow)

I am addicted to anything purple. It symbolizes my advocacies and ideologies in life. It is the color of the reproductive health campaign, of women empowerment and my personal comfort color. My family knows I faint inside every time I see something purple. (as of writing time, the purple stuff in my table are – tumbler, stapler, pencil holder and wait, my nail polish).

When I found out about babywearing, I made it a point to purchase only those that would represent everything that I believe in. So I stalked almost all local and international wraps and sling producers/manufacturers/sellers but I didn’t find anything that has the “buy me” factor.

Until I stumbled upon Little Snuggie Baby (LSB). LSB is a local seller of handwoven wraps. I messaged the proprietress, Ms. Justine Rae So and inquired if their purple rainbow wrap is still available. That time, it wasn’t but she offered me Blue Rainbow. I was caught off-guard by its beauty that I purchased one. ( Review will be in a different post). And I requested the very nice Ms. Justine to give me a heads-up whenever the purple one becomes available.

My first Purple Rainbow was a size four(4). It is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Its soft already when it arrived and after breaking it in (washing, ironing, braiding, using it as Babaching’s blanket) it became softer and more grippy. I love it and it was the wrap that taught me how to do hip carries and rebozo. All in all, it was a good wrap but we have to let it go to share the babywearing love to another momma.

Another Purple Rainbow (and definitely a permastash) is our size 6. With this wrap, I can do front wrap cross carry, front cross carry and kangaroo carry with fancy tails. It’s still made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. This wrap is our go-to wrap. Though we do have a SSC, we use it only when Babaching is in his “straight legs” mode and wrapping is not in his world (which happens very rarely). Our purple rainbow had been a silent witness to plenty of fussiness during post-vaccination, long,quiet walks at the park during dawn and dusk. It had provided comfort and assurance to our Babaching that we are not letting him go when we go to the mall and there are plenty of people. It kept him close to my heart, where he find solitude and solace when the environment gets too loud and stressful.

Carry all the babies and happy baby wearing!


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