Carry All the Baby(ies)

Babywearing. Now, that’s something that I only encountered AFTER I gave birth to Cloud. Breastfeeding,co-sleeping and cloth diapering, I’ve read up and prepared for it during my pregnancy days. But, babywearing is the “new” thing for me after I gave birth.

I knew about it when I talked to one of my mommy friends and how I sort of complained that I cannot do other tasks because most of the time Cloud wants to be carried or just breastfeed all day long. She suggested that I read up on babywearing and join the babywearing community for Filipinos in Facebook. (Facebook page : Babywearing Philippines. A happy online community of Filipino babywearers.)

I joined the page and also did my own research. I learned of the various types of carriers and learned also that the carriers we purchased before I gave birth was a narrow-based one and is not recommended. So, I started making “lambing” with the hubby and started looking for carriers that we can afford. Our first carrier was a ring sling that we purchased from a local seller. Cloud was just a few weeks old then and I was totally helpless on how to do it. In theory, I felt like I know how to do it. But when I put my theory in practice..epic fail! That’s when I decided to join meet ups organized by the local babywearing community. So I started to learn how to really use the ring sling. I was finally able to understand how the “M” position can be achieved and why babies should not be worn facing outward. I’m just thankful that in my inherent stubborness, I did not use our narrow based carrier.

And that’s how I got hooked to babywearing and its benefits. Cloud is a very active baby. He loves being outside, being taken into walks in the local park, watching his bigger cousins play while at the same time, he loves being in our arms. Frequently, he wouldn’t go to sleep when he’s not being danced while breastfeeding, which makes it tiring and challenging. But babywearing saves us most of the time. It also helps address our colic problems. As a new mom, I never thought that burping can be such a big deal! =)

Babywearing is a happy thing to do and definitely have its scientific benefits and merits (which I will discuss in another post). But the best thing that it has done to our small family is to give us the bonding that we need with our little squish. Nothing can compare to the warmth that we feel in our hearts when we wear Cloud and he went into that peaceful, happy state of sleep while listening to the beat of our hearts. That’s simply priceless and far too precious.

Of course, what is babywearing without the small talk about carrier stash, right? Currently, our humble stash is composed of one Soft Structured Carrier – Tula Lil Rascals, Three Woven Wraps – size 4,5 and 6 from a local seller and One Sports Wrap from a local seller still. Do we see ourselves buying more carriers? Perhaps no. Our stash for now is more than  enough for our squish. But, when he reaches toddler stage, then of course moving up with a Tula Toddler is deemed necessary. =)

So, carry all the babies! Carry while you still can and they still want. Because, whether we accept it or not, time’s gonna come when our little squish would let go of our hands and embrace the world on their own. When they would no longer listen to the beat of our hearts but to the beat of their own.

For as we all know, they hold our hand for a little while but our hearts for a lifetime.

So yeah, Carry all the babies!


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