To A New Beginning

12 September 2014 marks the closure of my life as a single individual and the beginning of my story as a married woman. It was a day filled with love, warm wishes, wise advises, good food (I hope!) and mini-family reunions. As I sat on my chair, looking at the intimate gathering of people that had seen, shared and been part of my husband and I’s story, I feel overwhelmed and thankful.

Thankful that this is happening, thankful for the new beginning, a fresh start, a life anew. Looking back at the days leading to this event, I can only utter a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for making all this possible.

Our marriage was a bit rush and hush. Originally, we wanted it to be later and as grand as we can, but plans changed when we were able to confirmed that we have our little Beep coming. We agreed that since marriage preps are already on the way, we can adjust it to be earlier.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the people whom God has used to make the marriage preparation as easy and light as it could be.


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