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To A New Beginning

12 September 2014 marks the closure of my life as a single individual and the beginning of my story as a married woman. It was a day filled with love, warm wishes, wise advises, good food (I hope!) and mini-family reunions. As I sat on my chair, looking at the intimate gathering of people that had seen, shared and been part of my husband and I’s story, I feel overwhelmed and thankful.

Thankful that this is happening, thankful for the new beginning, a fresh start, a life anew. Looking back at the days leading to this event, I can only utter a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for making all this possible.

Our marriage was a bit rush and hush. Originally, we wanted it to be later and as grand as we can, but plans changed when we were able to confirmed that we have our little Beep coming. We agreed that since marriage preps are already on the way, we can adjust it to be earlier.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the people whom God has used to make the marriage preparation as easy and light as it could be.


Yes, I Got Married!

Be careful what you pray for, you might just get it.

Ever since my teenage years, I always pray that I get married at the age of twenty-five. I never prayed for a handsome or rich or prosperous partner. All I prayed for is someone who can love me and my family wholly and that I be blessed with in-laws that will love me the same way my folks love me. It was a series of three failed relationships that made me stopped believing in relationships and marriage by the age of twenty-one. So for four years, I immersed myself into something I know I’m good at – my job. I focused my time and my energy into harnessing my craft as a professional. For almost four years, my life revolved in my career and whatever that’s left, for my family.

I guess it started to bother my Dad so much that I was called home for a typical “father-daughter conversation/argument/disagreement/mumble grumble conversation”. Dad started enumerating the merits of marrying by mid-twenties and the risks of marrying when you hit the big Three-O. Much to my parents’ annoyance, I only laughed and told them that marriage is not in my priorities. Yet, inside me, I already have the desire, not to get married but to have a child I can call my own. Sometimes, I would tell the Lord ” If giving me a husband isn’t in Your plan, can I, at least, have a child?”. Again, be careful what you pray for.

It was August 2013 when we first met. It was a typical busy day at the office, with me being so amazed with the wonders of my new eyeglasses (given that I was requested to wear glasses since I was 16 and I only had the courage to get one last year) and wondering out loud how am I supposed to finish all those tasks when there are only two of us to manage the office. And then, there’s guy knocking at our office door and upon coming in, handed me his application letter and curriculum vitae. We were not yet on the process of hiring employees that time, so I just accepted his letter and filed it. Then I went back to whatever I was doing that time. After a few minutes, I noticed him still standing in front of my table, so I offhandedly told him that we’ll just call him if we start hiring additional staff.

After he left, I noticed my fellow Executive Assistant giving me her playful look, asking me who was that guy. I said “some applicant.” She exclaimed ” He’s handsome, babygurl! Maybe he’s your The One.” I looked at her in horror and said “That thin, dark man? No way!” She picked up his curriculum vitae and said “He’s handsome.” To avoid the issue, I simply shook my head and forgot about the thin, dark man.

Until two months later, in one of our workshops, I saw a colleague of mine waving for me to join them in their table. I walked towards them and noticed that she has company. It’s him! It’s the thin, dark man and he was giving me the darkest look! Turned out one of our Regional Office hired him for the Project.

And that was the start of our story. Our courtship and engagement wasn’t that long. Many were surprised when they found out that we were getting married. Some raised their eyebrows while others shook their head.

But one thing I know, and this I am sure, the people who truly care will understand and those with malicious intent will never be sated with any explanation.