Archive | January 2014

Beautifully Broken

We arrived at a point in our life when we realized why we had to go through all of the pains and sufferings of the past. You wake up one day and realized that it all happened for a reason. From afar, it looks like broken pieces of you. Like broken pieces of glass. Then you look closer and realized that despite its brokenness, it’s a beautiful pattern of colored glasses. 

Broken yet beautiful.

That’s what we all are. Fragments, bits and pieces of our past and present, being sharpened and fitted for the future. Yes, we are broken, but there is beauty in that brokenness, a certain fragility and vulnerability that pushes us to search for something/someone to complete us. 

And God, knowing how broken and fragile we are, is upon our call. Waiting for us to give him all those brokenness so we can be whole again.