Long rides, quick flights, sleep deprived. 

This is the story of my life in the past few weeks. And I do not regret it. The past few weeks had been a very enriching, life-changing and perspective shifting events. 

Not so long ago, I was a young woman totally pressured by society to get into a relationship, just because in a few month’s time and believe me, it was not easy. 

These travels opened my eyes into a lot of life’s realities. One of it is that it is so selfish of me to wallow on my lovelife (or the lack of it) while the rest of the world suffers because of economic and financial crisis, chemical attacks and plain,blunt corruption in the government. 

So I shifted my focus from “me” to “them”. And when i listened more to the issues and concerns of the people around me, the selfish voice inside me was drowned out. In every place I went, from the highlands of Northern Luzon, to the sugarcane of Western Visayas, and the amazing bridges of Tacloban, I have learned something new that is beneficial not only for my profession but for my personal life as well.

I realized how travelling can really ease the pain, make my breathing easier and relieve me from all those nagging thoughts in my head.

So here I am at the airport again, off to another wandering adventure, eager to learn and explore.


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