Out of the Closet

I have a declaration to make. 

This is something that I needed to do. 


Seriously though, I do not see the point why people have to explain to everyone and anyone their sexual orientation and preferences. And why is it that society have this crazy habit of labeling people? Straight for heterosexuals. So, what do we call the homosexuals and bisexuals, curly and wavy?!?

Much of these stereotyping and labeling had destroyed lives, family, relationships and self-esteem. I had friends who kept on wondering if our other friends are gay or lesbians. Honestly, does the friendship rely on the sexual orientation of your friends.

If we truly know the meaning of love and respect, we shall not judge others, regardless of their sexual orientations and preferences, race, culture or whatsoever indicator. It is part of their being, it makes them who they are.

So, I am straight. As straight as I can be. And I love my homosexual and bisexual friends. And I pray for them. Just like I pray for every one of my friends.

That “closet” where we pushed our beloved because of our personal biases is dark, gloomy and repressing. let us join hands in opening it and letting them out.


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