I am Small and Loving It

“The smallest things can occupy the biggest space in your heart.” – Pooh

At five feet flat, people always think that I am a high school student. At work, office mates and colleague would often tease me as “our intern.” On several occasions, I was mistaken as a child or a niece of my boss instead of his Secretary. And most of the time, people would just make fun of my height (or my lack of it.)

It used to hurt me when people would tease me about my height. Being the only midget in the clan, I sometimes wondered out loud if I am adopted. I bet that’s not the case since I inherited my mom’s small eyes and my father’s wide forehead. Other than the height, I am almost a replica of my parents. 

I hated the fact that I am small. There are certain types of clothes that I have to wear on VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. Like long gowns. I love gowns, it makes me feel pretty, but when I look at the mirror, it makes me look dowdy.Gross! I also can’t reach the cupboard at home, so every time I have to arrange the sink and the dishes, I have to stand on a chair. And then I came across this verse:

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

And from that day forward. I learned to love my smallness. I started looking at the good things of being small. 

I love the fact that at the age of twenty four, my Dad can still lift me up when I requested to. I enjoy the comfort of wearing these cute dresses and skirts, plus I enjoy easy access in crowded places. Sleeping and sitting area is not a problem too, since I fit in limited spaces. ^______^

I stop thinking about what other people would think of me and started loving myself for who I am. Besides, in God’s eyes, there are no big and small. We are all equal. 


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