The Gift of Choice


“at the hill, there was an old rugged cross”

I have just finished reading Max Lucado’s book, aptly titled “He Chose the Nails”. The book discusses the several gifts found at the cross and it’s relationship to our life as Christians.

One of the many gifts found at the cross was the gift of choice, symbolized by the two sinners crucified on both sides of the Son of God. They were both sinners and them hanging beside Jesus Christ is a mockery to His greatness, to His sinless being. They were both hanging there because they have sinned, they have done something wrong. And that’s where the similarities of the two sinners end. Why? Because one chose to be saved, while the other hardened his heart.

Jesus answered him “Truly, I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise. ” – Luke 23:43

We are all given the choice, just like the thieves at the cross. If that one thief, whom his entire life was dominated by sin, was given the glory to be with Jesus Christ in paradise because of his last minute choice to accept God, how much more can we, beloved?

We have our entire lifetime to choose. Everyday, we are making decisions. Even on how we spent every precious second of this life is a choice. We can either be idle or productive. Proactive or push-over. 

The gift of choice is one of God’s greatest gift to humanity. Sometimes we wonder, if God really loves us, why does He allow us to sin? Because God wants us to have a personal relationship, a personal encounter with Him. Our shortcomings, our sinful nature, is actually an opportunity to know God more. Our weaknesses are vital instruments in recognizing that we need Him in our life.

What will you choose, beloved?


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