Ex, Thank You

Dear Ex(es)

This is not a satirical or sarcastic letter. This is an honest-to-goodness thank you letter for you . It can either be I was the one who broke your heart or you broke mine. Often, it was both.

Thank you for telling me all my shortcomings during our relationship. It had helped me realize on what areas, especially on attitude and communication I need to improve.I know that when the next relationship happens, I can express myself more clearly and explicitly. I now also know when to throw a tantrum and when not to.

Thank you for pointing out that my career had taken over my life. I now know that I need to put my priorities in order. And you helped me realize that time is the greatest gift I can give. 

Thank you for making me realize that I deserve someone better. For years, I had been bitter and resented the fact that you cheated on me. Lately though, I realized that it happened for the best, according to God’s perfect plan. If you hadn’t cheated on me, I wouldn’t have realized that I have bigger and better potential as an individual.

Lastly, thank you for letting me go and setting me free. Believe me, that one year and a half had ended badly, but it has its light moments. But I’d rather keep it where it rightfully belongs – in the past,as a memory.

So, thank you for the love, the fights, the disagreements, the memories and most of all thank you for the lessons that you and our relationship had taught me. It had made me better, stronger and a bit more tougher. It had encouraged me to know myself more and to pursue bigger things in life.

Gracias, amigo. May you also find your happiness.





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