Almost Home

I was hesitant on my first trip there. I had my doubts when we went there in 2012. I was a stranger, a new face. And I’m not exactly Miss Congeniality when it comes to making new friends. But since the entire Youth Ministry was rearing to go, I did. My prayer that time was for things to work out fine.

Then I saw the rice fields. Green, green, green, rice fields as far as my eyes can see. And my, oh my, the mountains. I knew from that moment on that I love this place. It’s like a secret heaven, tucked in the bosom of Central Luzon in the Philippines. The place – Malacanang, Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija.

One thing that struck me most about the place (other than the never ending rice fields) is the warmth and humor of the people in this place. They’re sweet and caring. Plus, they feed me well. They always took the extra effort to prepare our favorite dishes when we’re there. I felt at home in this place.

And I love the nights in Malacanang. Not so hot, not so cold. Just enough to lull me into the most peaceful slumber with the sweetest dreams.

Of course, I also look forward to the rip to Ibayo. It’s a parcel of land where folks there plant their vegetables and fruit bearing trees! aaaaahhh, the luxury of eating freshly picked fruits :))

Malacanang reminds me of home, of the days I used to spend in our farm in the province. Of the simple life that we lived as a child before the responsibilities of being an adult manifested and took its toll.

This is almost home. 🙂


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