The Complications from an Umbrella

For the nth time today, I answered the redundant question ” Are you together now? As a couple?”. Again, NO.

What brought about this question? The photos from the Summer Youth Camp, which we were both facilitators.

We’re good friends. Not the kind of friends that you text constantly everyday, or go out on weekends or watch movies with. We’re more like the kind of friends that can go on days not talking to each other,minding our own business, but when something really great or really bad happens, we immediately call each other. We have the kind of friendship that few young people have nowadays. And it makes me feel blessed – knowing that I have a friend whose willing to stay up late waiting for me to be home when my flight schedules suck, willing to stay under the scorching heat of the sun because I want to look after our participants, and willing to stand under the rain me, just so I can cry and pretend that it’s just rain on my face.

But then, people interpreted things differently. The gestures, like sharing an umbrella underneath the sun, riding a motorcycle together and checking on each other during meal time has been taken as “sweet”gestures. They started a theory that maybe the friendship was just a pretense of a deeper and more intimate relationship.

Truth is No. If I had foreseen that us sharing my bright, attention grabbing umbrella would cause a “hot” issue, I should have kept it where it belonged-inside my backpack. But then, it would have burnt my skin,so I’d better face the complications brought by the umbrella.

The thing is, I found it funny that at my age, people would still think that I would keep a relationship secret. That is so high school.And childish. 

if ever I do get into a relationship, it would be like my umbrella – bright, outspoken, stand out. Something that I don’t need to hide.

(pictures to follow)


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