Heart Goes Back

it has been almost two years since I left the happy, thrilling,knowledgeable and sometimes “ïntellectual” world of youth advocacy, specifically on health and empowerment.\

But I guess, there’s truth behind the concept of “the mind forgets but the heart remembers”. Today, I have some lull moment and I suddenly feel the urge to read about the latest data on HIV/AIDS here in the Philippines.


What I found out was both sad and alarming, and it triggered the sleeping advocate inside of me.

For more info about the February 2013 AIDS Registry,please click this link:


Just because we are “safe”doesn’t mean that we can turn our back into things that are happening around us.

We can never be so sure, because HIV is a virus that recognizes no age,sex,culture or social status.

And again, my prayers to People Living with HIV and AIDS and their family and love ones, strength.

And a call to our legislators and policy makers to come up with a more cohesive,comprehensive and unified measures to prevent and protect.

Once an advocate,always an advocate.


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