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I am Small and Loving It

“The smallest things can occupy the biggest space in your heart.” – Pooh

At five feet flat, people always think that I am a high school student. At work, office mates and colleague would often tease me as “our intern.” On several occasions, I was mistaken as a child or a niece of my boss instead of his Secretary. And most of the time, people would just make fun of my height (or my lack of it.)

It used to hurt me when people would tease me about my height. Being the only midget in the clan, I sometimes wondered out loud if I am adopted. I bet that’s not the case since I inherited my mom’s small eyes and my father’s wide forehead. Other than the height, I am almost a replica of my parents. 

I hated the fact that I am small. There are certain types of clothes that I have to wear on VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. Like long gowns. I love gowns, it makes me feel pretty, but when I look at the mirror, it makes me look dowdy.Gross! I also can’t reach the cupboard at home, so every time I have to arrange the sink and the dishes, I have to stand on a chair. And then I came across this verse:

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

And from that day forward. I learned to love my smallness. I started looking at the good things of being small. 

I love the fact that at the age of twenty four, my Dad can still lift me up when I requested to. I enjoy the comfort of wearing these cute dresses and skirts, plus I enjoy easy access in crowded places. Sleeping and sitting area is not a problem too, since I fit in limited spaces. ^______^

I stop thinking about what other people would think of me and started loving myself for who I am. Besides, in God’s eyes, there are no big and small. We are all equal. 


Out of the Closet

I have a declaration to make. 

This is something that I needed to do. 


Seriously though, I do not see the point why people have to explain to everyone and anyone their sexual orientation and preferences. And why is it that society have this crazy habit of labeling people? Straight for heterosexuals. So, what do we call the homosexuals and bisexuals, curly and wavy?!?

Much of these stereotyping and labeling had destroyed lives, family, relationships and self-esteem. I had friends who kept on wondering if our other friends are gay or lesbians. Honestly, does the friendship rely on the sexual orientation of your friends.

If we truly know the meaning of love and respect, we shall not judge others, regardless of their sexual orientations and preferences, race, culture or whatsoever indicator. It is part of their being, it makes them who they are.

So, I am straight. As straight as I can be. And I love my homosexual and bisexual friends. And I pray for them. Just like I pray for every one of my friends.

That “closet” where we pushed our beloved because of our personal biases is dark, gloomy and repressing. let us join hands in opening it and letting them out.

What Will You Leave at the Cross

Jesus Christ was nailed and died at the cross, to fulfill a prophecy that the blood of the sinless will wash away the sins of the sinful. At the cross, God has manifested His love,humility, passion and strength. At the cross, we were forgiven. All our sins was washed away. The cross was one of the many symbols for our new beginnings in a life with God.

And just like all new beginnings, we need to let go of the old ways. We need to leave something(s) at the cross.

Beloved, what will you leave at the cross? Here, let’s help each other.

That frustration from unmet expectations from your your family, friends, partner and spouses? Let it go beloved. Now that we are in Christ, we can expect the fulfillment of our heart’s desire.

That hurt from past and/or present relationship that didn’t work out well? Drop it here, beloved. You are now in a perfect relationship with someone really perfect, beyond our comprehension. You are now in a relationship with the Lord.

That resentment form unkempt promises? Pour it out. And on this day forward, rely only on God’s love and promises.

That anger on your heart? Release it. Anger has no place in the life of a child of God.

That sadness that causes your tears? Blow it away. He did not promise us a perfect life, but He promised that He will be perfect for us.

Everything else that makes you feel bad, leave it at the cross beloved. Let God take care of you and let Him deal with all of it. He has eternity , so do not fear.


The Gift of Forgiveness

How can the man who still the storm and turn water into wine allow a nail to pierce his hand and tore his flesh? If he really was the Son of God as he claimed to be, surely His power can resist the simple act of nailing Him to the cross. Remember, with just a wave of His hand, the Tower of Babel has fallen. With the raising of His hand, the Red Sea parted and allowed His chosen people to pass.

Why is it then that He didn’t resist the nails? Did he allow it to glorify Himself? Or did He saw something more than the hands of a carpenter being nailed to wood?

What He saw in his hands was a list. A list of all the sins, of all the evil, of all the wrongs of mankind. And He didn’t resist. God’s promise has to be fulfilled. And so He allowed that soldier to raise the hammer and deliver the blow that tore his palm. And with that, blood flowed.

The list that was in His hands can no longer be read. It is covered with the blood of the sinless. The sins of the sinful was washed away by His blood.

And this is what the nails at the cross remind us beloved. That our sins has been forgiven.Yes, we all know that the shedding of blood of a sinless is necessary for our redemption  but He did more than that. He died for us. He suffered humiliation, pain, hunger and sorrow. Things that we are supposed to suffer, sinner that we are. But He took it all for us.