in pain

they say that love stories have only two possible endings – a happy ever after or a once upon a time.

i believe that my love story belongs to the once upon a time category.

Once upon a time, a boy broke my heart by cheating on me. After investing emotions, thoughts and financial resources in our relationship that lasted for almost a year, I found out that he was also in a relationship with three other girls. I asked him to chose and he chose somebody else. So, I left – with a broken heart, shattered dreams and hatred.

and i made a vow never to let any man be close to my heart again. and i was doing quite well until i met someone. i met him in one of our mission trips. it started quite good-we talked and talked, we became facebook friendfs, communication was there,very constant, we see each other, we go out, we watched movies together. and i started to let my guards down.

only to get hurt in the end. for he is not ready. and so i am into the friend zone. and i’m scared. of a lot of things. it hurts to be treated just like any other friend that i just want to leave. but i believe its more painful to totally detach myself from him.

/and it just hurt that way./


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