The Simple Complication

Majority of us hates complications, of that I am sure. Who would want to be caught in a tough situation when there could be an easy and faster process? Surely, no one wanted gray areas in our life. We wanted everything to be clear, in solid colours, black or white.

But often times, that’s not the way it is. Life itself is a weave web of complications. You want to take up Mass Communications, your parents want you to be a doctor. You want to watch a movie, your partner rather wants to go on a nature trip. Worse, you like somebody and that somebody like someone else and someone else like somebody else. You got the picture?

Amidst these complexities, we forget the simple things in life, the simple things that makes important and meaningful contribution in our life and the lives of the people around us. When was the last time our entire family sat down together for a meal? Perhaps, we cannot even remember when. How about the last time we say I love you with all our heart to the people we love? Or the last time we stop whatever we are doing and just look at all the wonderful things nature has abounded in us?

I totally agree with the sentiment that “What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.”  We took a lot of things for granted and later regret for doing so. I had developed the habit of saying “thank you” every time I rode a taxi and my cousin lauded me for it, saying that often times, it is the only gratitude the drivers get. Yes, we do pay for their services (gasoline and all) but my “thank you” is for their bringing me into my destination safely.

Let us probe a little deeper and allow me to ask you when we was the last time you thank God for His love for you? Remember, it is our sin that lead His one and only Son to the cross and it is His love that turned us from sinners to redeemed.  Isn’t it amusing that we can be persistent when we need something from Him yet put thanking Him in the least of our priorities when our prayers are answered?

A bit deeper, when was the last time we were able to look at the things around us and appreciate it because it is a part of who we are? When was the last time we have shown gratefulness, gratitude and thanksgiving to our family, friends, fellows and officemate?

All this thoughts were triggered by a photo of a white flower with a total dark background. I was so struck by the awesomeness of the image that it made me ponder, how many times have I turned my sight away from the good, simple things in life and had focused on all the drudgery of this complicated world.


Flower in the Dark
(photo courtesy of Exodo Dungaran)

Sad, but many of us are like me. We took a lot of things for granted. Let’s put an end in all these complications and make life simple.


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