Bucket List


Here’s a list of several things I want to achieve ( by God’s grace) before I turn twenty five.

1. Finish our home. ( Halfway there.)

2. Visit ten places in the Philippines on my own, not work related. ( Boracay, Pantabangan Dam, Mount Maculot, Banaue, Ilocos, Bohol, Baler,El Nido, Dinagat Island, Puerto Galera and Batanes).

3. Be in love , this time for a lifetime.

4. Invest in a business.

5. Be fluent in speaking Spanish.

7. Get physically and spiritually fit.

8. Learn how to sing and dance with confidence.

9. Save twenty thousand pesos.

10. Treat my family in a yearly vacation.

11. Strengthen my ministry.

12. Remain happy, whatever the circumstances are.

13. Stay in love with God.

I know that many of these things are near impossible, but please help me by praying for me. It will be a big help in fulfilling my bucket list.


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