The Five Choices of A Single (Series I)

(taken from Harold J. Sala’s book, Joyfully Single)

Choice # 1: Bitterness or Release

When we are confronted with the pain of disappointment – one of the two things will happen. The disappointment will drive you to the Lord where you cry out for help, or else you will become bitter. And bitterness will begin to kill you.

Is God responsible for all your disappointments in life?

God ends up being a whipping boy charged with the responsibility for all our failures and disappointments. Think for a moment what would happen if God spared His children from all disappointment so thar only those who do not know Him suffer the pain and sorrow that disappointment brings.

Our response to what we do not like or understood is a choice: bitterness or blessing.

To harbor bitterness and hatred toward an individual who has wronged you is only natural; to forgive is supernatural.

How do you deal with bitterness when it has loomed larger than life? Release that bitterness and give it to the Lord. You can come and say:

” Father God, I know my bitterness is wrong. It’s killing me. I can’t sleep. I am filled with anger and hatred. I give this to you. Please take it and let Your love fill my heart. I release it right now.”

Bitterness may not send you across oceans or continents, but it can surely send you tailspin when it comes to your own spiritual life.


to be able to smile amidst all the trials and challenges, pain, disappointment and heartaches in life


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