Experiencing San Fernando



11-13 September 2012

I was in San Fernando Pampanga for a brief training regarding geo tagging for employees of DA-RFU 3. I knew beforehand that we have a very tight schedule to follow. So, I made up my mind. With the small amount of free time, I will try to explore, learn and do something different while I am in the area. 

First stop, the historical Lazatin House. Me and my fellow trainer discovered this place while walking back to the venue from SM San Fernando after dinner. At first, it didn’t really caught my attention until I noticed that there was a guard standing at its gate. My inquisitive nature hits full gear, so I approached the guard and asked.


‘ Sir, ano pong meron diyan?”

“Ay, historical house po.”

“Hindi po puwedend pumasok?”

“Hindi po.”

“Pero puwede po magpapicture?”

“Oo naman po.”

I can’t help but notice the amused twinkle in the guard’s eyes. Maybe he found it amusing that I knew nothing about the place. Admittedly, I was clueless. So, I asked my friend to pose at the gates of Lazatin House and I started taking photos. For more information about the Lazatin House, please click this link :http://traveleronfoot.wordpress.com/tag/lazatin-house/.







I was truly amazed at the rich history of San Fernando, Pampanga.

Another event that made my trip worth memorable was waking up very early to enjoy a calesa ride. I’ve been wishing to ride a calesa ever since I was a kid but the calesas in Manila are too expensive! For Php 20.00, I was able to fulfill one of my greatest dreams in life : a calesa ride.







I knew I’m coming back to Pampanga to learn and experience more. And next time, I’ll be bringing notebook and pen! 🙂


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